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Sipping Sustainably at Abura London Cocktail Bar

Sipping Sustainably at Abura London Cocktail Bar

Eco Touch, we are not only passionate about reducing our carbon footprint and promoting sustainable practices, but we’re also keen to partner with businesses that share our vision.

And in this endeavour, we’ve found a noteworthy ally: Abura London Cocktail Bar. A Toast to Abura London Nestled in the heart of London, Abura offers more than just exquisite cocktails. Eco-friendly Sips While their mixologists are experts in blending unique flavours, what truly caught our attention was Abura’s dedication to the environment.

By choosing to use Eco Touch eco-friendly Rice straws, they’ve made a clear statement: luxury and responsibility can indeed go hand in hand. Each sip you take at Abura isn’t just a taste of a meticulously crafted drink, but also a sip towards a sustainable future.

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