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Paper and Bamboo Straws Contain PFAS Chemicals

Paper and Bamboo Straws Contain PFAS Chemicals

Recent studies have unveiled shocking news about the so-called “eco-friendly” straws many consumers have come to trust.

1) NBC News recently reported findings from Belgian scientists who sampled 39 brands of straws from various sources. Shockingly, 27 out of these were found to contain PFAS – a family of synthetic chemicals known for resisting stains, grease, and water.

“Scientists in Belgium recently tested dozens of straws from supermarkets, retail stores, and fast-food restaurants in the country, and found that the majority contained PFAS.” – Aria Bendix, NBC News.

2) New York Post highlighted that while many consider plant-based materials like paper and bamboo to be sustainable alternatives to plastic, the presence of PFAS chemicals diminishes their eco-friendliness.

“Straws made from plant-based materials, such as paper and bamboo, are often advertised as being more sustainable and eco-friendly…However, the presence of PFAS in these straws means that’s not necessarily true.” – Thimo Groffen, Ph.D., University of Antwerp. – By Ben Cost New York 

3) USA Today echoed the same sentiment, emphasizing that efforts to transition from plastic to paper might have been misguided.

“Not a fan of those paper straws that have replaced disposable plastic ones in the name of being eco-friendly? As it turns out, some of those efforts to save the environment may have been in vain.” – MARY WALRATH-HOLDRIDGE, USA Today.


The health of our environment and the safety of consumers are of utmost importance to us. We recognized the need for an authentic, eco-friendly straw solution that does not compromise on user safety.

Eco Touch straws, crafted from rice, are our answer to the global straw dilemma. Rice, a renewable resource harvested multiple times a year, serves as an abundant and sustainable material. It provides an edge over wood pulp-based paper straws that rely on trees taking decades to grow.

With exhaustive research and testing, we’ve perfected the Eco Touch rice straws: 100% natural, fully biodegradable, and completely safe.

Choose Eco Touch’s rice straws. For a planet that breathes easier and a drink that’s safer.

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