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Eco Touch Rice Straws Now Even More Accessible!

Eco Touch Rice Straws Now Even More Accessible!

Big news from Eco Touch HQ! Remember those game-changing Eco Touch Rice Straws we introduced a while back? Well, they’re about to pop up in even more places, thanks to our latest collaboration.

We’ve just shaken hands with an awesome new distributor specialised in Catering Food & Drinks Distributor, making it a breeze for all our B2B buddies and everyday straw sippers to get their hands on our eco-touch-friendly straws.

Why is this such cool news?

Everywhere & Anywhere: Our rice straws are going places! Expect to see them in more stores, cafes, and maybe even that corner shop near you.

Need for Speed: Faster deliveries mean you’ll never have to sip sans straw again. Get those drinks ready!

More Green Love: With more straws in circulation, that’s fewer plastics heading to our oceans. One sip at a time, we’re making a change.

It’s all about making green choices easy and fun. With this new distributor on board, we’re hoping our rice straws become the go-to for every drink out there!

So, keep those eyes peeled, and those reusable cups ready. And as always, thanks for joining us on this eco-journey. Every straw counts!

Got questions or just wanna share some love? Drop us a line or slide into our DMs. We’re always here, always green.

Cheers to a straw-some future!

P.S. Know a place that should totally stock our straws? Let us know, and we’ll reward you, whether you’re an individual or a business!

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